Play-Based Approach to Serious Business

Instead of Grinding, Enjoy the Journey

Remember your childhood days of playful discovery?  Exploration and imagination led to incredible growth and learning.  Sandbox promises...
* To engage business executives, leaders, and their teams in a playful exploration of every decision that has been made, to challenge them in a thoughtful and productive way, and to develop innovative plans for continual business optimization
* To deliver executive coaching that makes growing the business fun and profitable
* To bring fresh energy into the business and build team “esprit de corps”

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Sandbox Coaching

by Scott Jens

A Message from Scott:

I was an co-owner/partner of a multi-doctor, multi-location eye clinic in Madison, WI, for twenty-five years.  From that I co-founded a disruptive SaaS company delivering electronic health records into eye care, serving as CEO for over a decade.  From team building to fundraising to successful sale of the business, my experiences are rich and diverse.

Along the way I've angel invested, advised, and served on boards of other SaaS companies, while also providing critical input to eye care clinic owners and businesses that serve the eye care industry.  Sandbox is an expression of my innate desire to be a trusted, inspiring resource to those who want to get the most out of themselves, their teams and their business. 

Through thoughtful and playful discovery and review of people, processes, and systems, my goal is to inspire business leaders to extract optimal business value while driving their mission and serving their customers. 

If you want to become more than you have ever been... get in the sandbox with me!


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