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Blog --> Vlog: Sandbox Stories is Born

In the time that Sandbox has existed, my coaching opportunities have been varied. It's been a real pleasure to help software founders, business leaders, and even a few eye doctors via a playful approach to guidance. While the coaching aspect of Sandbox remains, I am now adding "Sandbox Stories."

The content will come in the form of Video Blogs, or Vlogs. Like too many websites demonstrate, I don't want to get caught with over-aged entries where the writer started a process and didn't stick with it.

Sandbox Stories will focus on the eye care industry, and will include two primary types of Vlogs: Perspective, and People.

* In the storytelling about Perspective, I aim to give a unique angle on important topics, aiming for impactful content delivered in ten minutes or less.

* In the stories about People, I will interview incredibly interesting personalities, covering a broad array of personal and industry insights that will last thirty to sixty minutes.

Watch for Sandbox Stories, coming soon!

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