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Inaugural Interview Episode: A Conversation with Dr. Ali Khoshnevis

This is the Inaugural Sandbox Story that comes in the form of an Interview! The promise of Sandbox Stories is to bring unique PERSPECTIVE and interesting PEOPLE. All of this describes our special guest, Dr. Ali Khoshnevis. Included in the video interview are incredible photos from the Khoshnevis family album, as well as retinal images from a very compelling case from Ali's residency.

As promised, you can consume this Story through the YouTube channel with the first link below, and you can listen to a downloadable podcast with the second link (which is also available via the Podbean App... with Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Prime, and more to come soon!)

See the video, here:

(Run time: 38 min)

Downloadable Audio-only Podcast Version:

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