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Sandbox Story 3 - THE INFINITE GAME

This Sandbox Story summarizes the 2020 book by Simon Sinek, THE INFINITE GAME, and in the podcast I give insights on how it can be applied to the business of optometry.

I've always been a fan of Sinek's work - his early book, START WITH WHY, was foundational to the early days of our software company. It shares the notion that customers don't buy what you are selling, they buy why you exist.

In THE INFINITE GAME, he shares a series of principles that define infinite business thinking. Instead of focusing on profits first, focus on the things that define the longevity of your business; revenue and profits will follow.

Optometry has a rich history of practices that have a legacy in their communities, which are awesome examples of "infiniteness." Check out the podcast to get a deeper perspective on how you can learn to think infinitely.

Runtime: 11 min

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