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Sandbox Story 6 - The Destiny Story


Whatever business you pursue, a great backstory is usually in the background. Whether one is part of a family business, an entrepreneurial start-up, or a corporate team, there are many variables that impact one's journey.

In optometry, the stories of how we got here can often be really compelling. This is as true for Doctors of Optometry as much as those who work in optometric businesses. And once in the eye care industry, a person usually feels passionately connected to the drive to improve patient care.

This Sandbox Story is a really special one for me. I've been asked to share some of my story, and in "The Destiny Story" you will get some insights on the various people and experiences that have impacted my journey.

I'm thrilled to share my Mom's impact, but also the strength of family offered by my wife and her father, as well as the positive push from my teammates and business partners in the clinic, my fellow volunteers for the InfantSEE program of the AOA, and my co-founders of the software company that we launched 15 years ago.

And if you watch the video on YouTube, make sure to stay through to the end for a special visual element!!

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