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Sandbox Story - EHR Thoughts from an EHR Guy

I was fortunate to get involved with a few really intelligent people when I co-founded an optometry software company. Our collective drive was always to do right for the customer, because the doctor and staff who use software alongside their critical care of the patient's vision and eye health are true heroes.

This Sandbox Story gives some key insights to those early days. It also affords me the opportunity to air a grievance against EHR companies and their behavior in the current market. I'll let you view or listen to see if you agree with my views.

Feel free to message me with any thoughts! You can always find me at

Check it out:

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Kurt Kline
Kurt Kline
09. Aug. 2021

As always, great insight Dr. Jens. I agree that API's have to be shared in order to meet the vision that was put in place several years ago to share that critical information not only between providers,, but to allow the Dr. to hook on other software to get access to their data. Thank you for discussing this important issue.

Gefällt mir
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