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Sandbox Story - Interview of 2021 Graduates

This episode of Sandbox Stories features two 2021 graduates of the Illinois College of Optometry - Dr. Kim Fazio and Dr. Chelsea Goodman. These Doctors personify the new generation of Optometrists. During my conversations with them, they brought a level of honesty, intellect, and thoughtfulness that gives me great hope for the future of our profession.

As you will see from the list of Stories below, they got super honest about things like Optometry education debt, and the depth of optometric education that exists today. This episode feels like a must-watch for any OD that has been out of school for 25 years or more.

As they embark on their careers, I look forward to the positive influence that Dr. Fazio and Dr. Goodman will bring to their patients, communities, and the profession.

The Stories within the Story:

2:00 The Student Leadership Story

3:45 The Becoming a Professional Story

5:23 The Patient Care Story

6:21 The Understanding Story

7:59 The Misunderstanding Story

9:52 The Student Debt Story

12:08 The Early Career Options Story

14:53 The Low Vision Story

18:09 The Pre-Career Story

18:50 The Mentor Story

20:23 The Clinical Education Story

21:43 The Research Story

23:12 The State Laws Story

24:18 The COVID Education Story

26:44 The $275,000 Debt Story

28:00 The Work Opportunity Story

29:42 The Honesty Story

Runtime: 32 min

Check it out:

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