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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Andrea Thau

Dr. Andrea Thau is a genuine friend, both to me personally and to the profession. When my Mom was dealing with Cancer, she was quick to pray for her health; when optometry needed representation in the American Public Health Association, she stepped up; when the InfantSEE program needed someone to eloquently speak about the power of optometry’s care of infants, she took on any opportunity presented to her.

This Sandbox Story includes her passionate appeal to her Optometrists colleagues to pay attention to the American Optometric Association. But it also includes incredibly interesting personal anecdotes - including a very interesting story about the unusual way that she met her husband, and her connection to the movie “The Naked Gun.”

Included below are links to the APHA’s most recent policy statements about the critical nature of vision care, which she helped advance, as well as a link to the homepage of Optometry’s Meeting which will be the next step in getting ODs back together in person.

The Stories within the Story:

0:53 The Swimmer Story

2:02 The Ballet Story

3:44 The Movie Credit Story

4:53 The AOA President Story

8:41 The Mentoring Story

11:14 The Father OD Story

13:34 The Brothers Story

13:56 The Husband and Sons Story

17:34 The Female OD Story

19:40 The Practice Story

23:57 The Public Health Story

31:37 The AOA Topics Story

44:08 The Advice Story

46:02 The Wailing Wall Story

Runtime: 50 min

APHA Policy Links:

Registration for June 2021 Optometry’s Meeting available at:

Check it out:

YouTube video podcast:

Audio Podcast Apps: search for "Sandbox Stories" on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Pandora and more!

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