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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Art Epstein

Dr. Art Epstein and I share a unique experience - at different points in our careers, we served as volunteers to the American Optometric Association and in our capacity we were national media spokespersons. Art spent his time talking about the importance of optometric care during the fusarium outbreak, and he did so in a very compelling and substantial manner.

He's a product of the Bronx, and of parents who came to the US from Europe. In this Sandbox Story Interview, learn about his father's way of saying where they he was from... "sometimes Russia, sometimes Poland." You will hear about his brother’s impact on his path to Optometry, and finding the love of his life while giving a CE presentation. His hope for optometry is shared, too, encouraging ODs to think about their life-improving ability through their contributions to patients.

His weekly editorial in the digital newsletter, Optometric Physician, is inspiring to me because of his thought-provoking manner. I hope you will subscribe to it if you haven't already! In the meantime, enjoy this Sandbox Story!

The Stories within the Story include:

0:48 The Optometric Physician Editor Story

3:16 The National Media Spokesperson Story

7:50 The Finding Optometry Story

13:29 The Brother Influence Story

17:35 The Parents and Upbringing Story

22:13 The “Where are you from” Story

23:30 The Shannon Story

29:25 The Optometry Concern Story

34:46 The Unique Hobby Story

37:40 The Grounded Air Traveler Story

41:52 The Optometry Opportunity Story

Runtime: 49 min

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