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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Brianna Rhue

Dr. Brianna Rhue is the Co-founder and CEO of DrContactLens, an emerging practice performance software system. I have really appreciated getting to know her better, because as a fellow technology entrepreneur we are lockstep in believing that software can enhance the connection between a practice, its doctor, and the patient.

Among her many interesting stories includes how she met her neuro-ophthalmologist spouse, a review of myopia management including digging in to questions that I’ve held about this treatment protocol, as well as the life value that Dr. Rhue has received from practicing yoga.

Of particular interest in this episode is our back-and-forth commentary about the lack of commitment that EHR software vendors seem to be placing on serving their customers. I would be really interested to hear from the audience about their perception of their EHR company’s willingness to allow them to access their data so the practice can leverage non-EHR technologies. If I get any valuable feedback, I’d be happy to pass it along to the EHR vendors for you!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:15 The Early Influence Story

2:21 The Spouse Story

3:10 The Myopia Management Story

5:08 The Questioning Myopia Management Story

11:40 The Yoga Story

14:38 The Traveler Story

15:51 The DrContactLens Story

19:07 The Entrepreneur Story

23:25 The Patient Control Story

26:22 The Technology Adoption Story

30:12 The Cost of Goods Story

32:00 The Challenges of EHRs Story

37:30 Scott’s Editorial Commentary

40:05 The Connecting Doctor and Patient Story

42:57 Scott’s Second Editorial Commentary

45:54 The EHR Vendor Statement Story

51:51 The Great Advice Story

Runtime: 54 min.

Check it out:

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