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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Charles Brownlow

Dr. Chuck Brownlow is a consummate professional, an optometrist with a wry sense of humor, a caring heart, and a wise mind. This Interview gives many fantastic points of view, accumulated over his 50 years of involvement in optometry including:

*Talking about becoming a pilot, building an airplane, and as helping the AOA establish the “Eyes Right for Flight” educational program at the annual EAA meeting in Oshkosh, WI

*Giving perspective on what education was like 50 years ago, and how it correlates to today’s education

*Examining the process of expanding the capabilities of the profession.

A proud Wisconsinite, Chuck speaks about a fantastic WI OD, the late Dr. Vic Connors, as well as his time as the Executive leader of the state association. He reviews the key messages he has shared over the years about critical expectations for proper eye care documentation, and humbly discusses the importance of optometric mentors and of honoring other people. Finally, he discusses his first-ever, newly published book, Counting on the Moon, found on Amazon here:

The Stories within the Story include:

1:15 The Grandchildren Story

2:15 The Aviation Story

9:00 The 1971 Graduate Story

14:17 The Profession Expansion Story

17:55 The Optometry Volunteerism Story

25:20 The Vic Connors Story

27:55 The Optometry Executive Story

31:00 The Reason for Visit Story

37:15 The Audit Risk Story

39:45 The EHR Story

41:30 The Value of Optometry Meetings Story

43:45 The Mentor Story

47:58 The Honor Story

48:35 The Author Story

52:51 The Last Bit of Wisdom Story

Runtime: 56 min

For the video, click here:

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