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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Eric Baas and Dr. Robert Steinmetz

Dr. Eric Baas and Dr. Robert Steinmetz co-founded and own a cold start-up practice advisory service called iCare Advisors, and through it they have positively impacted a large number of ODs and the communities they serve.

In this Sandbox Story interview you will learn about:

* One had a family member who lost vision, and one who had a family member who was an OD;

* Their different paths to private practice - the challenges of creating a practice, and the impact of volunteering for organized optometry;

* Became mentors to those doctors that wanted to create new private practices from scratch, leaning on the educational backgrounds they learned from their family members;

* An incredible formulaic, highly-engineered method of cold-starting a practice with a pure approach where the practice owner is always the winner.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:07 The Band Camp Story

1:35 The Bears & Packers Story

2:40 The Steinmetz Family Story

3:55 The Baas Family Story

4:55 The Eric’s Grandfather Story

7:47 The Bob’s Uncle Story

9:42 The Eric’s Business Story

13:24 The Bob’s Business Story

15:43 The iCare Advisors Story

26:36 The Pride of Success Story

30:07 The Practice Financing Story

34:25 The Causes of Failure Story

36:31 The Future of Independent Practice Story

42:40 The Importance of Family Story

44:30 The Mentoring Story

Runtime: 48 min

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