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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Essence Johnson

Honoring Black History in Optometry

When I attended optometry school, from 1987-1991, I was honored to become an important part of the health care professions. In the thirty years since I graduated, schools and colleges of optometry have seen graduating classes with an increased percentage of females and a greater ethnic diversity. Dr. Essence Johnson is one of many Sandbox Stories in which I'm proud to help deliver the point of view that comes from one of the leaders of Black EyeCare Perspective, where she serves as Chief Visionary Officer.

Dr. Johnson represents the essence of optometry. She brings an incredible perspective on practicing optometry in a hospital-based clinic, as well as insights learned as a graduate of a Historically Black College/University (HBCU). You will also get to know her family. It's a real honor to present these insightful and compelling Stories!

Please join me in celebrating the contributions of Dr. Johnson, as we collectively recognize Black History Month in February. Check out the timeline compiled by Dr. Johnson at the end of this post!

The Stories within the Story:

0:47 The Being an Example Story

3:48 The Parkland Hospital Practice Story

5:40 The Community Health Story

6:40 The Military Family Upbringing Story

8:58 The Sibling Story

10:43 The Brother’s Work Story

12:13 The Welcome At Home, Anytime, Story

15:45 The HBCU Story

19:59 The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Story

22:45 The Finding Optometry Story

26:16 The Power of Residency Story

31:10 The Mom Story

36:25 The Being a Mother Story

39:20 The Black EyeCare Perspective Story

44:30 The Pearls of Wisdom Story

47:01 The Optometrist Advice Story

Runtime: 49 minutes

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