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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Jacobi Cleaver

An identical twin, Dr. Jacobi Cleaver is an inspiring human and Optometrist. He brings an effervescent, positive attitude about optometry.

This Sandbox Story includes a deep review of his involvement with Black EyeCare Perspective, specifically with the Pre-Optometry Club that is seeing fantastic early success in connecting to Black high school and college students that aim to become Optometrists.

Dr. Cleaver has a never-ending supply of wit, which left me laughing often, and I think you will, too. Amongst the topics you will hear, find out what it was like to grow up in the hometown of “Friday Night Lights.” He works at Baylor University Department of Ophthalmologist in a community health clinic.

Dr. Cleaver gives an honest summary of his path in to optometry, which included getting turned down for both optometry school and then for residency after graduation, and offers very helpful guidance on how to become resilient. Practicing in a community health center has given him a unique perspective on the crucial nature of eye care for an underserved population, and listen to him encourage young optometrists to consider this mode of practice in their future.

The Stories within the Story:

0:58 The Texas Upbringing Story

4:54 The Twin Story

8:26 The Go-Kart Story

10:20 The Parents Story

14:09 The Path to Optometry Story

15:30 The Resiliency Story

19:19 The Community Health Center Story

26:55 The Trust of the Patient Story

33:20 The Toughest Patient Story

34:27 The Spouse Story

37:05 The Pre-Optometry Mentor Story

48:17 The Life’s Joys Story

Runtime: 52 min

Check it out, here:

YouTube video podcast:

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