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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Janene Sims

Dr. Janene Sims is on Faculty at the University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Optometry. She works with the Community Eyecare Initiative, an outreach service, and has a tremendous commitment to humanity.

Her father ran a farm in Mylan, GA, and Janene and her two siblings participated in running the farm as children, and in watching her father’s support of the community she learned the value of taking care of others. Dr. Sims has an incredible personality - engaging and informing - and it's clearly part of her family's DNA.

Her accomplishments in academics are outstanding, including her achievement of a PhD in Vision Science. The Community Eyecare Initiative is a decades-old program, and this story includes a summary of their outreach to the Blackbelt area, where there is rich black soil along the Warrior River and where there is vast poverty.

She compels other practitioners to communicate to their communities to increase awareness of the importance of eyecare. And, find out why the song, “My Soul Has Been Anchored”, is her favorite.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:00 The Farming Story

8:22 The Eyecare Motivation Story

10:00 The Advanced Education Story

11:47 The Community Support Story

14:20 The UAB Community Eyecare Team Story

17:03 The Recognition Story

18:01 The Communication Story

19:18 The EyeCare4Justice Story

24:06 The Singing Story

25:23 The Recruitment Story

Run time: 27 min.

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