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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Jim Wachter

In 1991, Dr. Jim Wachter and I graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry and our careers took very different paths. He did a residency and found a practice partner who he joined to build a tremendous group private practice in the greater St. Louis area. Then in 2015 their group, called Clarkson Eyecare, was purchased by a private equity group and became EyeCare Partners.

Today Dr. Wachter is their Chief Professional Officer of EyeCare Partners, working with a team to help operate over 400 locations. This Sandbox Story gives some unique perspectives and business advice that can be of value to any OD.

(My apologies for a slightly grainy recording of Dr. Wachter... my bad!)

The Stories within the Story include:

1:26 The Interest in Optometry Story

2:37 The Residency Story

5:08 The Private Practice Story

7:42 The Private Equity-Backed Practice Story

12:24 The Call Center Value Story

14:48 The PE Criteria Story

15:33 The Reduction of Practicing Story

17:41 The Commitment to Advocacy Story

19:38 The New Doctors Story

20:28 The Future of Consolidation Story

21:56 The Vertical Integration Story

24:52 The Future of Optometry Story

Runtime: 30 min 30 sec

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