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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Justin Bazan

Dr. Justin Bazan was born and raised in New York in a relatively small town, Utica, NY, to parents that instilled in him a passion to educate others. In this episode of Sandbox Stories, you will learn the interesting story of his early experience with eye care, which started with vision screening, and later the college-age visits to OD practices that made the profession “click” for him.

He is a SUNY grad who practices in Brooklyn, NY in an innovative practice called Park Slope Eye. Justin is considered a cutting-edge OD and he shares thoughts about how he used a poor experience at a dentist visit to transform the patient experience in his practice, as well as how he uses the personalities and talents of his staff to positively impact patients.

He’s carved out an expert position in how social media should be used by eye care businesses, and he covers his origins of expertise formed in that area. You will also learn why his practice doesn’t have a phone line in to it, as well as his perspective on how younger ODs are thinking about our profession through his work with their social networks. And finally, make sure to check out his story about the best advice he ever got - it's fantastic!

The Stories inside the Story include:

0:55 The Upbringing Story

4:30 The Wanderlust Story

5:22 The Becoming an OD Story

11:50 The Practice Story

21:03 The Social Media Story

30:32 The Younger ODs Story

34:07 The 2022 Look-Ahead Story

39:20 The Traveler Story

42:40 The Best Advice Story

Runtime: 44 min.

Check it out:

YouTube video podcast:

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