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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Kelly Nichols

Dr. Kelly Nichols is an academic’s academic… she has an OD, MPH, and PhD, and she is Dean of the School of Optometry at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. In this Sandbox Story, hear her stories of family, cooking, and photography, in addition to her commitment to optometric education and research.

As the President of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, she shares insight on the critical nature of drawing qualified future ODs into the educational path, including a conversation about their “Optometry Gives Me Life” initiative. And as a Dean of a leading school of optometry, learn her perspective on the evolution of optometric education as it works to match the scope of practice seen in even the most advanced states.

Dr. Nichols also shared a wide-ranging summary of the arc of treatment of dry eye disease, which delivered great insights including advice on how an OD can become more engaged in management of DED.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:00 The Nature Photography Story

3:37 The Cooking Story

4:32 The Optometry Spouse Story

5:24 The Interest in Eyecare Story

6:19 The Degrees Story

7:18 The Education Perspective Story

9:58 The Recruiting ODs Story

12:57 The OD Demand Story

14:58 The Dry Eye Disease Story

26:43 The AAO Story

27:55 The Life’s Joy Story


Find her daily nature photo on Instagram: #dailynaturephotokkn

Find Ocular Surface News, specifically the Oct 21 2021 Edition:,-2021

Runtime: 28 min

Check it out:

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