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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Larry DeLucas

Dr. Larry DeLucas is the only Optometrist who became a Space Shuttle astronaut. His career started with a PhD in protein crystallography through studies at UAB, followed by getting into eye care due to an "accidental" meeting with the Dean of the UAB School of Optometry.

In this episode, you will hear about how his dad served in WW2, with an incredible story of survival as a POW. He simplifies the complex science of protein crystallography and how it’s applied to drug creation. Of particular interest is the story of the prolonged process to become chosen as a Payload Specialist for the Space Shuttle program. He flew on STS-50 in 1992, on which he monitored over thirty different science experiments .

As interesting as the stories are about his flight to space, the training stories are equally impressive. You will also learn his perspective on the future of space travel, as well as his company’s role in helping deliver vaccinations to the world.

The Stories within the Story include:

0:48 The Two Doctorate Story

6:23 The Greatest Generation Story

12:23 The Family Story

13:18 The Optometry Faculty Story

15:16 The Protein Crystallography Story

17:35 The Becoming an Astronaut Story

21:30 The Space Shuttle Story

24:10 The Astronaut Training Story

29:35 The Shuttle Astronaut Reunion Story

31:29 The Future of Space Travel Story

35:51 The Solar Harnessing Story

39:54 The Never-Ending Pursuit Story

41:39 The Children Story

42:40 The Power of Research Story

Runtime: 45 min

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