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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Lisa Wade

I share something with Dr. Lisa Wade - I shifted from the business of optometry to a different business. Her venture into another business is one of the most interesting and inspiring stories that I've ever heard.

And as impressive as her business acumen might be, her commitment to teaching optometry students at the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN, might be stronger. I'm convinced that her graduated students are as capably minded about the business of optometry as any in the profession.

Learn how she uses an understanding of personal psychology to help guide her students, much of which is directly applicable to anyone in an eye care business. Listen to her commitment to health and wellness, all of which was driven by her husband's health scare.

Dr. Wade is someone that we should all hope to be connected to, in some way. This Sandbox Story gives you a chance to learn about her amazing stories!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:01 The Giving Back Story

2:55 The Upbringing Story

3:38 The Optometry Educator Story

6:19 The Optometrist’s “Why” Story

9:25 The Behavioral Assessment Story

14:17 The Path Through Optometry Story

19:44 The Wellness Habits Story

21:41 The Children Story

23:54 The Other Business Story

28:24 The Retail Mindset Story

33:12 The Investment in Business Story

38:56 The Leadership Example Story

40:59 The Selling the Business Story

45:12 The Optometry Associations Story

49:14 The Advice to Optometry Story

Runtime: 56 min

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