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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Moes Nasser

Born into a family whose descendants came from India and Kenya, Dr. Moes Nasser truly has a worldwide perspective. One of his very interesting stories is about watching John Wayne movies through his father’s homemade vision correction device. He moved to Houston amid dictatorial unrest in some African countries, and found Optometry and pursued education at the University of Houston. The stories of his family, spread across the globe, show the impressive accomplishments that have coursed through their generations.

Amongst Dr. Nasser’s many community and professional service activities include an early support of Optometry Giving Sight, which has led to incredible expansion of care delivery in his original homeland. He shares the characteristics of an Optometrist that he believes can lead a clinic group to success. He gives a heartfelt summary of how he has gained a deep appreciation for what the United States offers its people, something that should be listened to by everyone who enjoys this country’s amazing offerings. And finally, he speaks about the power of learning by reading every day.

Of all optometrists I've ever known, Dr. Nasser has been the most thoughtful, and I think you will agree when you hear him formulate his thoughts and stories. I'm grateful that he joined me for Sandbox Stories!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:04 The Tanzania Story

6:04 The Childhood Vision Story

12:31 The Early Career Mindset Story

14:16 The Family Story

17:25 The Optometry Giving Sight Story

25:15 The Pearls of Success Story

32:20 The Love of America Story

37:20 The Optometry Threats Story

43:50 The Reading Story

Runtime: 48 min

Check it out:

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