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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Nana Owusu

Canadian Optometrist, Dr. Nana Owusu, is someone that brings an incredibly unique perspective. Along with his wife, he owns a number of optometric practices. He is a product of African parents, from Ghana, and this Story follows his journey from Canada to optometric education in Illinois, and back to his family and practice life in Canada.

Dr. Owusu is committed to improving the profession of optometry and that includes driving improved diversity, equity, and inclusion for people of color. In this Interview Story, I make my own admissions about how I have had to grow as a human to become better at tolerance.

Due to my time with Nana, he has made me a better person. In your time watching or listening to this Sandbox Story, I hope you will, too.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:01 The Canadian Optometry Update Story

2:45 The Ghana-to-Canada Story

5:10 The Education Dedication to Mom Story

7:50 The Family Story

11:42 The Accidental Optometrist Story

15:45 The Football Story

17:10 The Spouse Story

19:08 The Children Story

20:20 The Athletics Parallel to Optometry Story

23:02 The Expanding Practice Story

26:30 The Compensation in Canada Story

30:05 The Provincial Practice Story

31:53 The Pediatric Eye Care Story

33:40 The Canadian Optometry School Story

35:25 The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Story

47:15 The Raider Fan Story

49:05 The Optometry Advice Story

Runtime: 52 min

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