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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Nate Lighthizer

There are times when you meet someone within your profession and you immediately feel that everyone should also know them. From the first time that I met Dr. Nate Lighthizer, that was my feeling.

Dr. Lighthizer is from North Dakota, and the stories of his upbringing up to meeting his wife (who also went in to Optometry) are super fun. And the many insights he shares from his time on faculty at Northeastern State University College of Optometry in Tallequah, OK, should be fascinating and compelling for all.

In particular, Nate has committed a large chunk of his time to educating his fellow Optometrists. The effort that it takes is something he takes seriously, and he shares it nicely within our discussion. I'm glad to call Nate a friend, and by the end of this Sandbox Story, I think you will be glad to know that he's your friend, too.

The Stories behind the Story include:

0:56 The North Dakotan Story

1:47 The Family Story

2:52 The Power of Athletics Story

4:07 The Canadian Fishing Story

5:40 The Influence to Optometry Story

6:47 The Pacific Education Story

10:08 The Path to Being an Educator Story

11:48 The State Legislative Process Story

14:24 The Cherokee Nation Relationship Story

16:50 The Advancement of an OD’s Mind Story

18:20 The Football Fandom Story

19:23 The Vicarious Pilot Story

20:18 The Optometry Lecturer Story

22:55 The Optometry Applicants Story

24:50 The Best Advice Story

Runtime: 26 min.

Check it out:

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