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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Nikki Iravani

Dr. Nikki Iravani is an OD and a technology entrepreneur. She is founder of the app, Eyexam, and focused it on helping ODs connect with patients. Now she is advancing it to help ODs with Telehealth.

She was born and raised in Iran during a tumultuous time, and shares interesting stories of becoming American. Her family stories, including raising three daughters, are truly inspiring.

Nikki started into optometry by working in an optometry practice, and her mentor story is compelling. She currently serves on the Board of Women in Optometry, from Jobson. After working in industry, she opened a new practice - and experienced a difficult challenge in getting back from a lapsed license.

I’m thrilled to have had a chance to interview Dr. Iravani, and you will be equally pleased to hear her stories.

The Stories within the Story:

1:08 The Iran Story

6:04 The Influence Story

11:17 The OD Women Story

12:15 The Family Story

17:00 The Boards Story

25:12 The Eyexam Story

Runtime: 40 min

Check it out:

YouTube video* podcast:

*Please note: this Sandbox Story didn't properly capture video!!

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