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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Nwamaka Ngoddy

Dr. Nwamaka Ngoddy is an inspiring Optometrist. She practices in retail optometry locations in Atlanta, and in this Sandbox Story she demonstrates a deep level of interest in helping patients understand each step of a complete eye examination. She has taken the initiative, and risk, to create the Anwuli Eyewear line of frames specifically to fit the facial features of the Black and African-American community. Her parents moved from Nigeria to the US and both attended Georgia Tech, and raised the family in Atlanta. She is a proud first-generation Nigerian-American and a graduate of Xavier University in New Orleans, an HBCU that is a leader in advancing Black students into health professions. One of the Stories that she shares tells how a sorority sister got her to consider Optometry instead of med school. To know more about her eyewear line, visit and to contact her directly use

The Stories within the Story:

1:01 The Practice Story

2:27 The Patient Education Story

11:57 The Mentor Story

19:54 The Nigerian Parents Story

24:04 The Education Story

29:45 The Service to Others Story

32:18 The Anwuli Eyewear Story

41:51 The Advice Story

Runtime: 43 min

Check it out:

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