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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Richard Castillo

Dr. Rich Castillo is an Optometrist and Ophthalmologist. He’s committed his life to Optometric education. His family is deeply involved in Optometry. He is from Long Island, but grew up in Oklahoma, yet he has neither accent. Dr. Castillo has committed his career to Northeastern State University College of Optometry. He speaks proudly of what Optometry has done for him, and the importance that Optometry has in the health care spectrum. You will hear his perspective about how optometry will continue to push forth on its pursuit for expanded patient care capabilities. And, you will find out about his cool little dog, Max. It was a real pleasure to reconnect with my old friend for this Sandbox Story!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:22 The Optometry Family Story

3:25 The Tulsa Story

6:33 The OD and MD Story

10:25 The Oklahoma Optometry Story

13:42 The Northeastern State University Story

16:05 The Ophthalmologist Story

18:21 The Optometric Education Story

21:35 The Optometry Advocacy Story

26:36 The Eye Care Equipment Story

30:08 The Optometry Scope Story

45:12 The Castillo Family Story

Runtime: 49 min

Check it out:

YouTube video podcast:

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