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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Rick Weisbarth

Dr. Rick Weisbarth became an internationally respected Doctor of Optometry who supported the profession through his role in professional relations for Alcon Laboratories (and formerly CIBA VISION) as well as a lecturer on a variety of contact lens topics. Growing up outside of Cleveland, he never ventured outside of his homestate until while studying at The Ohio State University College of Optometry. As part of his optometry fraternity, he connected with doctors with whom he would provide career-long support of the American Academy of Optometry.

One of his unique contributions was involvement in the National Academies of Practice, which is a multidisciplinary group working to support each other’s approach to caring for patients. In his retirement he has helped advance the Alcon Children’s Vision Center in Fort Worth, TX.

His many stories are compelling because he consistently challenged himself to move out of his comfort zone, and the lessons that come from his experiences can be of value to all. And - it’s very important for the audience to know that Dr. Weisbarth was put on the spot when talking about mentors, so if he didn’t mention you, please forgive him!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:08 The Cleveland Upbringing Story

2:58 The Advice Story

4:07 The Introduction to Eye Care Story

6:42 The OSU Optometry Story

9:40 The Leadership Journey Story

11:04 The Early Career Story

16:56 The Contact Lens Industry Story

20:23 The International Lecturer Story

22:01 The Industry Support Story

27:04 The Optometrist Insight Story

29:11 The Commitment to the Academy Story

32:50 The Volunteering Advice Story

35:50 The Lifelong Learning Story

37:55 The Mentor Story

40:12 The National Academies of Practice Story

44:35 The Alcon Children’s Vision Clinic Story

52:42 The Hobbies Story

54:05 The Family Story

Run time: 57 min

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