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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown

Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown practices in Chicago, IL. She’s the daughter of Dr. Robert Johnson, an Optometrist who build a transformative practice in Chicago while also being involved in city politics, as well as having started the Plano Vision Development Center in 1959 and worked to educate the educators about children’s vision issues. With a mother that was a grade school teacher, Stephanie learned that her passion was to pursue optometry and to drive her practice with vision therapy.

Today, Stephanie still runs the not-for-profit service beside her primary eye care practice. In this story, you will learn about her commitment to her community both through her practice and her support of its people and schools. Also discussed is her nephew, Larry Fitzgerald, who has had a successful NFL career who attributes his success in life, school, and sports to vision therapy and its ability to develop his focus and coordination. Her influence on those close to her is seen in the path of many mentees who have become Optometrists. She also shares some sage advice about how to communicate with patients, as well as the story of the history of the National Optometric Association and her hope for it to endure through generational changes.

The Stories within the Story include:

0:48 The OD Father Story

7:57 The Siblings Story

10:08 The Not-for-profit Story

16:21 The Nephew Story

19:54 The Public Schools Story

24:59 The Employees Story

28:02 The Advice Story

32:25 The NOA Story

37:27 The Functional Approach Story

40:16 The Life’s Joy Story

Runtime: 48 min

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