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Sandbox Story - Interview of Jay Binkowitz

Jay Binkowitz and I met in our days when we each led software businesses that served the eye doctor community. Our connection immediately became deep, with a mutual respect for the other's wild ideas and thoughts about how to help eye care businesses operate more effectively. He's another in a long line of incredible people who commit their careers to supporting eye doctors, despite not being one.

Jay has used deep business acumen to drive a number of differentiated businesses into the eye care industry. From an upbringing in a house with no furniture, to finding business success with many influential female business partners at his side, Jay has incredible stories.

He speaks about the importance of learning to earn his successes, and also about his business experiences from selling leather jackets, to working in the meat business, to operating corporate eye clinics, to building optometry software. That business led to the industry-leading data dashboard, EDGEPro, and from there he has gone on to be involved in advising doctors about their potential path forward via private equity acquisition. Jay has literally seen it all, and frankly he understands eye care businesses better that almost anyone you'll meet.

As importantly, his wife and he have become deeply passionate about charitable giving. If you are willing to support their cause visit this charity link:

The Stories within the Story include:

1:01 The Upbringing Story

5:45 The Hustle Story

8:30 The Optical Story

14:28 The Software Story

22:08 The Consolidator Story

26:14 The Charity Story

30:19 The Best Advice Story

Runtime: 35 min.

Check it out:

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