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Sandbox Story - Interview of Jim McGrann

Jim McGrann is the first Interview Guest of Sandbox Stories that isn't an eye doctor. For decades, he has committed his career to advancing the practice of optometry. Few people have pushed for optometry's success like Jim, and his many stories are really impressive.

Jim shares stories of his family, his many career experiences, and also perspective on optometry. No longer involved with managed vision care plans, he remains convinced that they are helping support the profession of optometry and offers guidance on how an ECP can find success in today's environment of practice.

Today, Jim is the CEO of Healthy Eyes Advantage and he gives insights on their business advancement processes. Like all Sandbox Stories, there is no promotional intent and no sponsorship offered - so Jim's stories about how he is trying to transform business are shared because he has a very genuine approach and a team that is aiming high.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:27 The Career Arc Story

3:49 The Independent ECP Story

5:56 The HEA Story

9:45 The Family Story

14:04 The Part-of-Something Story

17:29 The Astronaut Story

19:50 The Adoption Story

24:39 The CEO Council Story

28:29 The Leadership Style Story

33:44 The High School Friends Story

36:03 The Managed Vision Care Impact Story

43:35 The HEA Future Strategy Story

48:48 The Future of Optometry Story

Runtime: 55 min

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1 Comment

Feb 12, 2021

Jim and Scott are two industry rock stars ! Great interview ! Jay Binkowitz

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