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Sandbox Story - Interview of Lynn Lawrence

Lynn Lawrence is a career Optometric Technician, starting that role as part of a thirty-plus year career in the Air Force, which included deployment in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He comes from a large family, many of whom also served in the military.

Lynn became an Ophthalmic Technician in the Air Force and through his career he coordinated the eye care technician services for ninety sites and over a hundred optical sites, and through all of that he also became a leader of the paraoptometric technician certification program coordinated by the American Optometric Association.

He learned in the military that your training will kick in before your emotions, and from that he has built a consulting business for the eye care industry called See The Light, which teaches leadership. His commitment to the profession is to drive advancement through learning, certification, and thoughtful leadership.

The Stories within the Story Include:

1:08 The St. Louis Upbringing Story

3:38 The Family Military Service Story

6:20 The Deployment Story

10:49 The Ophthalmic Technician Story

14:52 The AOA Certification Story

21:23 The Mental Health Story

25:11 The Leadership Consultant Story

30:27 The Faith and Joy Story

32:45 The Best Advice Story

Runtime: 34 min.

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