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Sandbox Story - Interview of Marge Axelrad

Marge Axelrad is Senior Vice President and Editorial Director of Vision Monday, VMAIL, and 20/20, all part of the team she participates with at the Jobson Optical Group. Through her career she learned how to talk about the business of optometry, as well as how to talk business with optometrists.

In this Sandbox Story Interview, you will hear about what she learned from her salesman father that gave her the ability to optimally perform her journalism. She speaks to the evolution of Vision Monday’s coverage of the eyecare industry, as well as Jobson’s broader commitment to present relevant content o the many business segments.

Marge is a very honest person, someone who is friends with many in the industry, and who many know but deserve to know better. Get to learn her love of travel, vintage collectibles, and rock 'n roll.

LINK: Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit - Register at

The Stories within the Story include:

1:12 The Fun Fact Story

2:45 The Traveler Story

5:04 The Pandemic Getaway Story

6:54 The Psychology Story

12:07 The Interesting People Story

15:55 The Eyecare Perspective Story

19:55 The Industry Lingo Story

22:02 The VM Global Leadership Summit Story

31:20 The Eyecare Consumer Story

36:11 The Vintage Collectibles Story

37:37 The Rock ’n Roll Story

39:00 The Best Advice Story

Runtime: 41 min

Check it out:

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