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Sandbox Story - Interview of Mr. Dave Brown

Mr. Dave Brown is the President and CEO of the doctor-alliance group, IDOC. I had the good fortune of getting to know Dave when he was leading J&J Vision - and it has been a pleasure to remain his friend as he has proceeded to commit his career to supporting ECPs.

In this Sandbox Story, Mr. Brown talks about his path in optometry, as well as his learned experience from working with private equity ownership. Learn about his efforts to develop a leadership mentality through a trusting, listening approach, as well as his use of mindfulness to become the best leader he can be.

Interesting stories include his teenage acting career in a television commercial (with rare 1980 video of the actual ad), as well as his Grandfather’s participation in World War I, with a special connection to Stonehenge. We also discuss experiences with people who were innovators who transformed his life, and methods employed to run an effective virtual workforce.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:05 The J&J Story

2:20 The IDOC Story

3:31 The Understanding Optometry Story

4:45 The Private Equity Story

8:56 The Advisory Strategy Story

14:17 The Stonehenge Story

16:13 The Best Friend Story

18:18 The Segway Connection Story

20:16 The Mindfulness Story

22:27 The Great Place to Work Story

25:20 The Virtual Workforce Story

29:09 The Clinic Culture Story

32:35 The Family Story

35:00 The Acting Story

38:13 The Character Story

39:54 The Inclusiveness Story

Runtime: 44 min

Check it out, here:

YouTube video podcast:

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