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Sandbox Story - Interview of Mr. Gregg Fowler

Mr. Gregg Fowler is another guest who isn’t a Eye Care Professional. He has spent his career working for industry vendors, doing incredible behind-the-scenes work to improve eye care practice, and he is also an eye care patient whose story will impress anyone. More than anything, he shares a viewpoint of the power of eye care services that every ECP and eye clinic employee needs to hear.

Hear his stories of selling door-to-door in college, as well as great insights about getting into sales in eye care for Alcon and HOYA. Gregg shares very important context about how sales reps work to support ODs and their businesses, and the challenges that both reps and doctors face to work well together.

Ultimately Gregg portrayed the importance of eye care to me more clearly than anyone I have ever met, and I hope you too will appreciate his perspective. Listen carefully for it -- the power of his words is impactful!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:11 The Small Town Upbringing Story

3:05 The Brothers Story

4:30 The Movie Quotes Story

7:02 The Dad’s Saying Story

9:16 The Sales Story

16:08 The Alcon Work Story

17:18 The Support of ODs Story

25:57 The HOYA Work Story

30:41 The Eye Care Patient Story

41:26 The Value of Industry Partners Story

43:25 The Battle for the Mind of the Patient Story

Runtime: 49 min

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