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Sandbox Story - Interview of the Optical Women's Association

This Sandbox Story is an interview of some of the leaders of the Optical Women’s Association (OWA) -- Deb Bulken, Janelle Pauli, and Dr. Lorie Lippiatt. Despite the long-standing history of OWA, they are a “best-kept secret” in the industry, and it's time for them to be well-known and supported because of their important impact.

The mission of the OWA is to support and promote the professional development of women involved in all facets of the optical industry. OWA exists for any and all women - from ODs to those who work for companies that support the optical trades. From their podcast to resources like the “One Minute Inspiration” to offering scholarships, the OWA is a real powerhouse in eye care!

Through the various stories told by my guests, you will learn about their mentors, the value of the OWA to them and to the industry, as well as how OWA came into existence through a diverse and powerful group of women from the optical industry. And not only do the women benefit, but the companies for which they work also gain from OWA's programming.

Of particular interest are the stories of how OWA values the support of corporate sponsors who make their many functions come to life. They encourage any individuals in eye care to financially support their many activities that serve the membership, and of course they aspire to grow their membership of women in optical companies. I’ve sent in my individual sponsorship contribution, and hope you will too!

These are three incredibly well-spoken, driven, and informative women and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!

The Stories within the Story include:

1:47 The Value of the OWA Story

6:13 The Mentor Story

12:29 The Passion Story

14:05 The Origin Story

19:10 The Mission Story

20:16 The OWA Deliverables Story

28:54 The Support Story

32:22 The Member Experience Story

39:40 The Best Advice Story

Run time: 44 min

Check it out., here:

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