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Sandbox Story - Interview with Dr. Richard Mangan, on the Topic of Provider Burnout

As October winds down the recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, this Sandbox Story looks to remind the eye care professions of the importance of self-care and emotional wellness. I care about this topic in part because my daughter is getting a Masters to be a therapist, and our family has been positively influenced by her vision of a society that is supportive of the emotional needs of others.

My guess is Richard Mangan, OD, FAAO, a 30-year industry clinician who now does medical liaison work for Sun Pharma, and is also on the editorial board of ModernOD. We were classmates at the Illinois College of Optometry, where I learned to respect his intelligence as well as his crafty skills on the basketball court.

This Sandbox Story is inspired by an article that he recently published in ModernOD, which takes recent insights on physician burnout and applies them to optometry. Dr. Mangan gives insights on his experiences with burnout, as well as potential methods to deal with it.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention Lifeline Chat:

The Stories within the Story include:

2:45 The Story of Interest in Burnout

3:42 The Story of Newfound Consideration

4:29 The Story of Defining Burnout

7:45 The Story of Indicators of Burnout

9:10 The Story of Reducing Burnout

11:00 The Story of Reducing Suicide Risk

13:02 The Story of Positive Life Adjustments

Runtime: 18 min

Check it out:

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