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Sandbox Story - My Most Impactful Patient

In Optometry, we have a unique opportunity to provide primary health care services to people in a setting that enables a high degree of interpersonal connection. Not only do the physical settings of eye exam rooms allow for conversations that are comfortable, but by diving into the visual needs of a patient we are exploring the psychology of seeing and its impact on quality of life.

My relationship with Mr. Erwin Deutsch started like that, and as we saw each other multiple times per year for various eye care reasons, we forged a fantastic relationship. And as part of that, I also was fortunate to come to care for his daughter, Renate Bennett, and meet her daughter, Tamara Braun.

In this Sandbox Story, you will hear some of the perspectives that I learned about Mr. Deutsch's life, which was one of family commitment and love, but also his life experiences which included being a Jewish prisoner at the Buchenwald concentration camp, from which he was fortunate to leave alive. You will also hear from Renate and Tamara, who graciously tell the story of this incredible man!

I hope you too will find this Story one that is inspiring, and that it will get anyone involved in eye care to think about the power of the relationships we are allowed to create. And for anyone not in eye care, I hope you will simply sit back and appreciate the importance of the life of this man.

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