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Sandbox Story - Perspective from Building a Spec Home

Optometry manages patient relationships in a fairly conventional, time-proven manner that is typical in the medical model. Optometry businesses have "reception" and "patient care" areas, and the standard rules of engagement apply - patients must proceed through those areas and through the care experience as directed by the staff and doctor. But is that model really optimal? Is the patient, who is truly the customer, having their expectations and needs met? Or are the patients being told what to do and how to do it, often to meet the expectations of the doctor?

We all want our patients to comply with our views -- have examinations and visits at a particular frequency, and when necessary to buy vision-correcting devices from us. As the world becomes more consumer-driven, perhaps I can share experiences from recently building a spec home to help you know how the PEOPLE that you put in front of your customers can truly positively impact the desire of the customers to stick with you.

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