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Sandbox Stories - Interview of Ed Buffington

Ed Buffington is the 2024 Prevent Blindness "Person of Vision." This distinguished award is given to someone who has positively contributed to the well being of the population, and Ed did that by being in service to ODs and their staffs. From starting OfficeMate software to leading GPN and increasing use of the business analytics dashboard, EDGEPro, Ed has truly contributed to the enhancement of eye care businesses.

Raised on a rural farm in Maryland, Ed learned the lessons of hard work.  Ed’s many stories cover his start as a contact lens rep, as well as the efforts to bring OfficeMate to the industry.  He is a proud husband, father, and grandfather, and speaks about how important that part of his life is.  Equally important is the positive influence he has had on the many people that have worked with and for him.  

The Stories within the Story:

1:14  The Building Friendships Story2:31  The Growing Up on the Farm Story

4:31  The “Charlie” Story

7:30  The Plan to be an Educator Story

9:54  The Marriage and Family Story

10:25  The Salesperson Story

12:06  The Getting into the Eye Care Industry Story

14:14  The Creating OfficeMate Story

20:34  The Adding the EHR Story

24:40  The Marchon Partnership Story

26:29  The VSP Partnership Story

28:40  The GPN Data Story

31:15  The Mentors Story

36:40  The “Person of Vision” Story

40:57  The GPN VISIONS Story

42:23  The Incredible Teams Story

Run time:  46 min

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