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Sandbox Story Perspective - Building a Life Well-Lived

In the Broadway play (and the Disney+ movie about it) "Hamilton," the dramatic conclusion includes lyrics that speak about "who tells your story" when one is gone. It's a greatly introspective song as it reminds us that each of us as individuals don't get to decide if our life is well-lived while we are actually living it... it's the impact and the results that are ultimate reflections of our contributions.

In the nearly eleven years since my Mom lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer, I felt that it was time to reflect on how she lived her life and whether I learned anything from her life well-lived. It struck me that I've tried to emulate things that she taught, but also what I've learned from people like my wife and her father, my dad and my brother, and my kids... and so many more, including my former patients.

And with that, I came to realize that I've developed a short list of "pearls" that can help one build a life well-lived. That's what this Sandbox Story is all about. I hope you find them useful, so one day we can all have our contributions judged as right and proper, in a life well-lived.

Runtime: 5 min.

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