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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Ann Hoscheit

Dr. Ann Hoscheit is owner of EyeBridge Consulting Associates, after a long career in which she built two separate iconic eye care practices.  She is someone who brings her “whole self” to her work.  The oldest of six children with a Midwestern upbringing, her Mom was a nurse who showed her how to be committed to your community.

She’s a graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry, and through her career she has had many important mentors while she herself has become a mentor.  This story includes a special mention of Dr. Linda Casser who she credits for being a critical contributor to her career.  Dr. Hoscheit has been a trailblazer in women’s leadership in Optometry.  She finds true joy and prosperity in Optometry, and through these many stories she hopes that her colleagues will also.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:11  The Midwestern Upbringing Story

3:29  The Mom’s Example Story

4:55  The Inspiration from Matthew Story

6:36  The Getting into Optometry Story

8:39  The Incredible Husband Story

10:36  The Harold Varner III Story

11:15  The Novel Practice Model Story

15:15  The Women-Centered Practice Story

20:58  The Power of Mentorship Story

22:18  The Sale to Private Equity Story

25:10  The Specialty Center of Excellence Story

30:42  The Integrative Medicine Story

35:54  The Industry Supporter Story

41:18  The Eye Care Equates to Quality of Life Story

43:26  The Power of Influence Story

46:28  The Future of Optometry Education Story

52:34  The Reassurance Story

Run time:  55 min

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