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Sandbox Story 7 - Birth Order and Relationships

I have always been fascinated by the impact of something as simple as birth order on our personality. I'm a first-born, and I have one brother who is four years younger than me. None of us gets to choose our birth order and it impacts who we are in tremendous ways. I love my brother for his caring attitude and charm... both of which are traits of the youngest born.

Once you check out this Sandbox Story, I am hopeful you will dig in on the theories on birth order as presented by Dr. Kevin Leman. Not only will you learn about yourself, but you will be think about your children and grandchildren you may have. It's all very illuminating!

The goal is for you to think about the way that something as simple as birth order might affect your business partners, and co-workers. I hope you will share any interesting learnings with me!

Runtime: 7 min

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