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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Kristie Nguyen

Anyone in the eye care industry that monitors LinkedIn for compelling posts has seen some of the content offered by Dr. Kristie Nguyen. Her background, knowledge, and experiences are far deeper than what might be gleaned from monitoring her posts. In this Sandbox Story, we traverse a wide variety of topics that demonstrate the breadth of her contributions to the eye care space, and beyond.

You will learn about her commitment to her family, her love of travel, and a non-traditional approach to practicing optometry. Also included are comments about diversity in optometry, the importance of networking, and of course her views about how she manages her social media presence.

The Stories within the Story include:

0:54 The Oldest Child Story

1:54 The Vietnam Story

3:04 The Family Story

5:34 The Hair Story

7:14 The Calling to Optometry Story

9:00 The Sibling Story (tuberous sclerosis and Down syndrome)

10:50 The Patient, Patient Care Story

11:45 The Independent Contractor Story

16:00 The Non-traditional Work Story

22:50 The Diversity of Optometry Story

26:10 The Social Media Presence Story

31:15 The Traveling Story

32:35 The Life Balance Story

34:00 The Power of Networking Story

Runtime: 35 min

Access the content via:

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