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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Laura Periman

Dr. Laura Periman is an ophthalmologist whose practice in Seattle focuses on the new frontier of dry eye management. She hails from rural Montana, where she learned to love family and nature, and along the path of becoming a medical professional she has also successfully become an artist.

Learn of how she became known as the “Dry Eye Master” which wasn’t a self-claimed title, as well as her view of the future of eye health care services that will substantially improve the quality of life of our patients. One of the most impactful perspective she brings is about how patients teach their doctors, which she learned as a cancer survivor.

Dr. Periman is considered a true friend of optometry through her work with, and education of, optometrists because she sees the strong patient benefit resulting from an optometry/ophthalmology partnership. Perhaps with her stories, we will all be motivated to enhance our relationships with the medical partners with whom we collaborate to care for our patients.

The Stories within the Story include:

1:24 The Montana Story

3:50 The Motivation Story

6:48 The Medicine Story

9:29 The Insurance Story

12:44 The Instagram Story

13:30 The Pacific Northwest Story

14:05 The Sense of Home Story

15:19 The Survivor Story

18:17 The Working Together Story

22:16 The Innovations Story

25:58 The Cosmetics Story

29:55 The Communicator Story

33:18 The Volunteering Story

35:17 The Writing Story

39:46 The Clinical Advice Story

42:55 The Life’s Joy Story

Special Links:

Website: (all social media found @ DryEyeMaster)

Run time: 45 min.

Check it out via these links:

YouTube video podcast:

Audio Podcast Apps: search for "Sandbox Stories" on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Pandora and more!

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