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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Lou Probst

Lou Probst, MD, is a true friend to optometry. Over more than 25 years, he and his teams at a variety of TLC Laser Eye Centers have provided refractive surgery care for tens of thousands of optometry's patients. In arguably the most advanced system of co-management, Lou has positioned himself as a partner to the OD and an incredibly thoughtful surgeon to the OD's patient.

It is truly a pleasure to explore not only his views on the process of laser refractive surgical care, but also his many avocations as well as his appreciation for his wife's patient care as a radiologist. For anyone that wants to know more about him, you can visit

While Sandbox Stories are overwhelmingly listened to through podcast apps, you might want to watch the YouTube video for this one because of an incredible swimming feat that Dr. Probst performed for charity! Either way you consume the interview, you will be sure to enjoy!!

Runtime: 49 min

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