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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Millicent Knight

Dr. Millicent Knight has an incredibly broad set of experiences in the eye care industry. Her wisdom is second to none amongst those that I know, and her endearing qualities make everyone feel like her friend. As a mother, she has drawn from experiences of incredibly impactful parents as she and her physician husband work to raise their son.

This Sandbox Story includes conversations about her father, who was a mail carrier and also served as military police, and her mother who has worked hard to be an impactful leader of a mental health agency.

Today, she serves as SVP of the Customer Development Group at Essilor, after having been at Johnson & Johnson Vision, and she has come to learn much from these experiences about how industry supports eye care professionals. Equally compelling is her story about coming up through various practice modes until she boldly positioned herself to purchase a practice in Evanston, IL, where she drove an incredibly successful practice.

It’s been a pleasure to know Millie for a long time, but it’s an even greater pleasure to help her tell her stories, even ones that she has never really spoken about broadly. Enjoy her Sandbox Stories.

The Stories within the Story include:

0:57 The High School Story

1:58 The Physician Husband Story

3:54 The Father Story

5:28 The Threat Story

10:05 The Chicago Upbringing Story

12:40 The Athletics Story

14:37 The College Travel Story

16:50 The Medical Practice Story

19:24 The Private Practice Story

24:21 The Helping Others Story

26:08 The Industry Leadership Story

30:30 The “Chief Optometric Officer” Story

33:25 The Holistic Health Story

39:15 The Parenting Story

47:53 The Optometry Advocacy Story

Runtime: 52 min 50 sec

Check it out, here:

YouTube video podcast:

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