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Sandbox Story - Interview of Dr. Vince Brandys

A lifelong Chicagoan, Dr. Brandys shares stories about his upbringing there, including working at his family’s gas service station in the 1970’s and the work ethic that was put into him by his many relatives. He also tells fantastic tales from his career work to support optometry through advocacy efforts, from political action work to fundraising.

Vince speaks about his work on behalf of the profession as a volunteer, and the importance of such for the next generation of ODs. He worked for twenty years at the Illinois College of Optometry where he finished as Senior Director for Development and External Affairs, and currently is a contract lobbyist for the AOA and he eloquently speaks to the challenges of optometrists being “opto-crats” at a time of political polarization.

(PRODUCER’S NOTE: Apologies for the poor sync of audio and video - it’s an error that’s entirely on my recording system!)

The Stories within the Story include:

1:11 The Green Bay Packer Fan Story

2:12 The Upbringing Story

4:20 The Customer Care Story

6:10 The Introduction to Optometry Story

7:45 The First Practice Story

10:40 The Career Volunteer Story 13:32 The Importance of Lobbying Story

19:28 The Political Fundraising Story

25:35 The ICO Story

29:25 The Exceptional Advocacy Story

32:42 The Industry Consultant Story

35:02 The Family Pride Story

36:25 The Optometry Motivation Speech Story

Run time: 39 min.

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