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Sandbox Story - Interview of Pierre Bertrand

I caught up with my friend Pierre Bertrand in June, and it was a real pleasure to reconnect. He serves today as Chief Commercial Officer at Neurolens, and his enthusiasm for this role and company is infectious.

As part of the many Stories he shares, you will hear about growing up in Montreal, and also how he has learned from understanding fear. Pierre has worked in the optical business including some time, first as leader of Essilor in Canada. before moving to Neurolens.

Pierre is an incredible storyteller and you will find his likable soul to be profound and refreshing. We even shared recollections of the OJ Simpson trial and its impact on his possible career path. The business acumen he shares from experiences both within the industry as well as outside will teach the audience to consider how their brand can be most effectively expressed.

And although Sandbox Stories is always ad-free and unsponsored, it was a real pleasure to explore the Neurolens technology with Pierre so everyone can get a sense of what they are accomplishing for patients.

The Stories within the Story include:

0:50 The Neurolens Story

3:15 The Canadian Story

7:43 The Children Story

9:04 The Education Story

12:43 The Related Industry Story

18:22 The Essilor Story

20:40 The Neurolens Technology Story

31:02 The Intra-Optometry Referral Story

36:15 The Fear Story

Runtime: 41 min 30 sec

Check it out:

YouTube video podcast:

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